about me

My name is Jenny Park and I am the girl behind Coffee & Honeycomb. 

The world will tell you what is valuable: money, status, fame, you name it. I personally struggled with trying to find my own worth and identity in those things. Can you relate?

I'm on a mission to learn how to seek first the Kingdom in all areas of my life; not only on a theological, theoretical, abstract way, but in a way that transforms how I live my day-to-day life.

How do I show up as a Christian at work? How do I love my friends and family well? What do I do when I feel overwhelmed, anxious, and insecure? What do I do when I feel proud? How do I balance my callings in family, work, and church well? How do I practice generosity when I'm in debt? 

These are some of the questions I will explore, wrestle, and share. Society has an answer of course, but I'm looking to seek the biblical perspective and how Christians should act in light of the gospel. (I'll tell ya, it's usually not the easier route). I hope you'll join me on my journey.


The name is two-fold; part coffee, part honeycomb. Coffee because coffee dates have always been a source of healing for me — for girlfriends to come together and have authentic and inspiring conversations; to share, rejoice, and mourn together. And walk away a bit more whole than when they came. My goal is to be remnants of just that, a good healing coffee date. Honeycomb was born out of a verse in Proverbs, "gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." I aim to speak words that only bring sweetness and healing to women everywhere!


I love to build. Build relationships, build stories, build strategies; anything that didn't actually require a hammer.

For work, I'm a senior marketing communications planner at General Mills leading the Cheerios digital and earned communication plans. It's a privilege and I learn so much along the way! Coffee & Honeycomb is not my full-time gig, but it does have a special place in my heart. I find myself always coming back.

I'm a Chicago native but currently live in the Twin Cities with my husband + man of my dreams, Eugene. I refer to him as E on the blog.  You can read about our proposal here and see our wedding hereWe also have the best pup, Lola. 

I love meeting new people, exchanging stories and cultures, and celebrating both life's small and big moments! I adore instagram, coffee, and my husband — in that order. #jokes. If you also consider instagram your second home, say hello and we can become BFF and exchange our fave #vsco filters.

Thank you for letting me share my life with you.