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For those who are new, welcome! For those who've stuck around during the transition, thank you. I'm back! :)

I've spent the last month working diligently for this exact moment. — organizing my archives, making the jump to Squarespace, but also thinking about why I show up here in the first place. I've been wrestling with and trying to make sense of my intentions and expectations. Is it for validation? Affirmation? Connection? Creativity? Inspiration?

If I'm honest, it's probably an ugly combination of all of the above. But within the ugly, there is also a small burning fire that believes Coffee & Honeycomb could be different; a place that inspires, empowers, and pours love on someone. And thanks to le internet, possibly on someone whom I've never even met! 

I've defined and redefined the mission of Coffee & Honeycomb, and I've landed on something I truly believe can be powerful, beautiful, and life-giving to women everywhere. I want to stir forward the idea of beauty over vanity, community over competition, and grace over perfection.

I'm passionate about my vision, but with passion there's always an inkling of insecurity that follows... Is my writing compelling enough or witty enough? Do I really have anything new on the internet to share? What will my friends think if I really poured myself into this?

Someone once said that they like to share their fears because it makes them feel like they gain control over them. I like that, so that's what I'm trying to do, too. Say my fears out loud so that one by one they lose their grip on me. (Because as children of God, we no longer are enslaved to fear. #Gospel. Boom.)

In the past, I blogged about my life — photos from my weekend and goals I planned for the month. Coffee & Honeycomb will no longer be about my life (mostly because it's really not that interesting and 80% of my time is in front of Netflix). Now, I want to show up here with honest words — even if the honest parts make me feel small — so that I may inspire, encourage, and equip Christian woman. 

If you haven't read the new purpose of Coffee & Honeycomb, I urge you to go there. I promise to hold on to that. As a 'thank you' for letting me share my story, I created Holiday Gratitude Note Card printables — you can print them out as many times as you want and write thank you letters to the loved ones in your life. :) Just enter your email below and you will get a free PDF!

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