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Life as a millennial is a balancing act of figuring out health insurance and our career path, both exciting and confusing. CLICK HERE to read 4 habits every twentysomething should add to their new years resolutions! Pin now, read later. 

Life as a twentysomething can often feel like limbo. Being a newly minted adult is an ongoing balancing act of setting new habits, searching for purpose and passion, and then googling everything else. There's no road map or yellow brick road before us—we are navigating foreign, uncharted territory. Some days it's hard (like when you're trying to figure out health insurance or worse, taxes) and on others, it's exciting and rewarding. 

During the last two years, I graduated college, landed a dream full-time job, moved to a new city with my boyfriend, got engaged, planned a wedding, and then became a wife. It has been one accelerated whirlwind of an experience to say the least.

In some ways these milestones allow me to feel like I am "grown up." Evolved. On track. Then there are other (most) days when I still can't figure out how to do my laundry and all I really want is to sleep in and get rid of my acne, totally exposing my age.

"[Adulting] is an ongoing balancing act of setting new habits, searching for purpose and passion, and then googling everything else."

This coming new year, I want to be intentional about maximizing my twenties and finding joy and peace during this stage of life. I'm thinking this pursuit is one all millennials want. Here are five habits I'm adding to my list - 5 habits every twentysomething should add to their new years resolutions.


There's a class (and an app!) for every kind of exercise these days. Barre. Cycling. Rowing. Yoga. You name it, you can find a gym that offers it. With so many options out there, it's now very possible to find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy! And not dread like running on the treadmill for hours. 

Most gyms offer free week passes, so make it a goal to experiment this year and find a fun way to get fit. You'll be surprised how GOOD you feel (mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically) when you let your body break a sweat!

Taking care of your body in this way makes doing daily life easier. It gives you a new kind of strength, energy, alertness, confidence, and self-love. I've been weightlifting with E lately and really falling in love with it.


Up until college, it was always clear and straightforward as to what we were supposed to prioritize and achieve. Our success was measured in a GPA or ACT score. Time was neatly broken down for us by semesters, breaks, even as specific as finals week or syllabus week. Over time, we learned how to survive (others, thrive) this system - and we did it alongside friends and peers, pursuing similar goals. 

I'm realizing though that as we get older, it will never be like that again. In fact, it couldn't be the more opposite. Some pursue higher education, others join the workforce. Some are starting to have families, others are going through a breakup or singly traveling the world.

Everyone is going through a different season of life all at the same time. Even the traditional trajectories are not as cookie-cutter as they seemed. Which makes this all the more confusing and difficult to navigate. 

It's tempting to want to measure your life by comparing it against others. There's a new engagement or baby announcement popping up everyday on our newsfeed. Someone is traveling the world or creating another revolutionary app.

It's easy to doubt if your life really amounts to anything, especially when others' success magically appear before you. However, this makes it all the more important to define our own success and not let comparison consume us. Put to language what motivates, stirs, and fulfills you individually. Taking the time to root yourself in this will make it much easier to find contentment. 

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We are such results-driven and accolades-driven people that we often dismiss and devalue the beauty and struggle of falling down (and then learning from the mistake and getting back up, of course!) However there is so much wisdom and strength to be found in those moments. In the failures, struggles, disappointment. 

Learn to be comfortable with ambiguity because such is life. Learn to love the journey, the process, and not fixate only on the result. Even if your five-year plan doesn't pan out or your aspirations change.

It takes time for good habits to develop, passions to brew, and solid character to build. Give yourself the benefit and take the time.


Give your time. Give your resources. Give your love. Give it all generously. And don't keep score.

I'm finding that the more cheerfully I give, the more full and content I am with what I have and who I am. I covet less, I envy less, I complain less, I am greedy less. Generosity is a virtue, and there's a deep delight found when you let yourself give generously without expecting something in return. 

Sometimes it's hard, and it feels unfair or taxing. It's usually in these times I feel vulnerable, in need, hungry for appreciation, reciprocation, recognition. I pray asking to be filled and read over His promises that He provides, sustains, and gives good gifts to His children. And as I cling onto those truths, generosity becomes my response, an outpouring of deep satisfaction in Him. 

CLICK HERE TO READ 4 habits every millennial twentysomething should add to their new years resolution. Inspiration, motivation, and advice on embracing life's journey. Pin now, read later.

I hope some of these words resonated with you. Cause if I were to add one more to my list, it would be that we can't do this alone. We need each other! Cue High School Musical.

This ambiguous, challenging, rewarding time of adulting is going to be worth it. I believe it. And I hope I maximize it by holding these habits. I hope you do, too. I hope we as young women stay curious, hungry to grow - not only in our trade but in all life skills. To not be afraid of success but not paralyzed by failure either. To cherish each relationship in front of us. To seek and love God. And to be kind to ourselves and with where we are on this journey... And peace!

Do you identify with these pursuits? What are your resolutions this year? Share below, I'd love to hear! And I wish you all a wonderful, magical 2016!

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