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There have been multiple mornings when I look into my quite full closet and sigh because I have NOTHING TO WEAR. My husband just gives me a look and points to the said quite full closet. I respond by rolling my eyes because hello, clearly he's the one who doesn't understand.

Does that sound familiar to anyone else? 

I'm on a mission to learn how to love my wardrobe — without maxing out my credit cards or trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Part of it is being inventive with mixing and matching but a huge other part is a mental shift: letting go of clutter. 

There are already a lot of pieces in our wardrobe we love — that's why we bought them. They're the pieces that aren't fussy, the ones we mindlessly reach for when we're running late. However they are mixed in with those other pieces we don't love and probably only bought because they were on clearance/trendy/an impulse purchase. Let's trim the fat so we can taste the meat. 

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Today I'm sharing 4 super easy steps (you can start right now!) to get one step closer to a wardrobe you love. After implementing these 4 steps, I've personally noticed myself feeling more inspired and content with my wardrobe.

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Create a catch-all basket.

Find an empty bin or basket (I'm using this one) and store it under your bed. This bin will become a catch-all for your "limbo clothes," pieces you do not currently wear and could potentially giveaway. Caution: do not overthink this step — just start. I put this one off for months because I was waiting to find "the perfect bin." As if there is a perfect bin for collecting unwanted clothing items. It shouldn't matter what the basket looks like because it will be hidden under the bed. The intention of the basket is to serve as training wheels for a purge. 

Pull out 5 pieces you would not wear today.

We all have those pieces that we kinda like (but not love) and would maaaaybe (but probably not) wear if we lost weight, it wasn't see-through, we had certain jewelry to match, etc. Regardless of the reason, if it's not something you would wear now, remove it from your closet and put it in the basket. Not sure how to decide if if it makes the cut? Ask yourself these three questions: Did I wear it once this season (or even the last season)? Do I feel confident when I wear it? Can I think of 3 different outfits I could put together right now? Those questions should guide you as you decide if it's basket-worthy. Bonus points if you pull out more than 5 items.

Again, don't over think this step — you're not really getting rid of your clothes, you're just putting it in the basket. And if you don't feel comfortable to even put it in the basket, that's okay. Give yourself grace because this will take time. 

Practice this every week for the next two months.

Scan your closet every week or so, find 1-5 new items you aren't wearing and toss it in the basket. Over the course of the month, you should notice a) your closet is more spacious b) it's easier to find the pieces you do actually like and c) you don't miss any of the pieces in the bin. Hopefully the exercise helps you realize that letting go of stuff is easier than you think and less is truly more. 

Rip off the bandaid.

After a couple of months, look through your catch-all bin and toss whatever you haven't missed. After you've had some distance, you will notice that it's much easier to be strict and intentional with purging. Less room for emotions, justification, or hoarder-like attachments. What do you do with those clothes you don't want? Donate. Sell. Give to a friend. Again, don't over think this step. You saw that one coming? You're a pro now. 

Are you ready? 

Do you believe less is more with your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below if you try these steps and/or hesitations you may have about starting. Stay tuned for part two in which we'll discuss how to invest in essentials. 

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