GREETINGS FROM THE TWIN CITIES (and first impressions)

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^ The OCD side of me is pained to post this photo because the canvas is tilted... But I decided to share it anyway because this is my new town and I'm gonna love it. 


I officially moved into my new home over Labor Day weekend, and I am completely ecstatic to be here.



  • People love to give thumbs-ups & high-fives. 
  • Everyone here is so friendly and loves small talk. They strike up conversation everywhere we go - the local ice cream shop, in the elevator, on the street, etc. They just really want to know how you are doing. Even when I'm driving and I make a mistake, they wave at me and smile. THEY SMILE. 
  • Speaking of driving, the roads are awful here. Whoever constructed and planned these roads was awful. All left turns are basically U-turns, entry/exits of highways are on the same side, roads merge and split and change names whenever the want... It's a mess. Even my GPS gets confused sometimes. Next time I'll screenshot my Maps for you all to see, because then you'll see what I mean.
  • It's okay that I get lost all of the time because all highways are free! Bye, bye ipass.
  • People don't seem to follow traffic laws either. I've seen a handful of people run a red light, and I think the other day a car behind me honked at me for actually stopping at one... I dungetit.
  • All cop cars have the license plate, "POLICE." lol
  • The air is so clean. Every breath is so full and crisp and fresh and I love it. And the water is so fresh and smells like heaven.
  • People pronounce words funny. "Bag" as "bayg" - "About" as "aboht" - "Sorry" as "sohry." It's like we are in Canada. 
  • The city is concentrated with so many libraries and book stories. I did read beforehand that MN was the 3rd most literate city, but they really do value their books — and I can appreciate that! 
  • It's also concentrated with coffee shops, which I very much plan to check out. (;

That's about it so far! :) I do like it here, and E & I say everyday how thankful we are because everyone has gone above and beyond to welcome us to the city and make us feel at home. 

I don't start work for a couple of weeks and the movers (finally) come tomorrow, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I want to...

- Learn calligraphy.

- Explore coffee shops.

- Check out church communities.

- Spend time with ze Lord.

<3 I shall keep y'all updated!