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how to embrace and deal with loneliness - let's not cure the symptom but trying to conceal or control, but cure the root cause

There's a deep, grumbling hunger in your heart to be acknowledged, known, accepted, and loved.

Do you feel it right now?

Some days the cry isn't as loud, and you are able to get through the day's tasks without dwelling. Other days, the cry feels so deep it consumes you — your mind seems to continuously bring you to a state of isolation. Happy friendships and couples and families seem to surround you, and you just feel all alone.

In those moments, we tend to suppress those feelings and equate it with weakness, or conclude there is a glaring flaw in us that deems unlovable. But that moment your loneliness becomes evident, and one day it will, it doesn't mean you're weak, it isn't an opportunity to mull over your flaws, and it certainly does not mean you are unlovable.

It is an invitation from the Lord to meet Him in deep intimacy and find healing. Embrace it.

I know. That sounds fearful and daunting — and straight-up weird. Aren't we always told to conceal and control our pain with sex, food, alcohol, and willpower? While all of those things do have the ability to make us feel invincible or possibly just numb for the time being, it can ultimately lead to a destructive pattern. Curing the symptom and not the root cause.

In moments of pain, and in this case, loneliness, leaning into where it hurts seems like the worst thing to do, but your need to be known and loved was made by God, and only He can fully and permanently meet that need. You must find where it hurts and let yourself go in that space. I challenge you to try this the next time you sense loneliness in your heart. Before you reach for Tinder, and before you reach for the booze, calm yourself and lift up a prayer to the Lord. Confide in Him your emotions, ask him to comfort you, to strengthen you, and to open your eyes to see what it means that His love and grace is sufficient. 

How do you tend to deal with pain or loneliness? What is holding you back from leaning into it and offering it to God?