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Hello, it's been awhile. 8 months to be precise. 8 months since I wrote my last blog post. To be honest, it's been 8 months since I've even read anyone's blog; I avoided blogs all together in fear that seeing someone else's words would only remind me of what I was neglecting, the blog I was giving up on. 

It was a year ago when I relaunched Coffee & Honeycomb and decided it was going to be a real blog; one with even a mission statement and a contact page. Not like a regular blog, a cool blog. Initially, I was fiercely determined. I participated in online workshops and courses, spent my spare time learning how to build an audience, claim my expertise, and ultimately monetize the whole shabang. I took all of my learnings and tried to implement them here -- I sprinkled keywords to make my post SEO-friendly, crafted spicy, compelling titles, and even started an online newsletter. But quickly, it became tiring. And I grew extremely self-conscious; wondering if my words were really that interesting or profound. Should every twenty-something year old really do this?! Suddenly my blog wasn't my voice anymore, it was a regurgitation of other bloggers' best practices. So I stopped showing up.

Maybe just maybe Coffee & Honeycomb is less about becoming monetized and more about honestly, authenticity, and prayer. So I'm here... And I think I'm coming back. No agenda, no catchy title, and definitely no SEO-friendly key words. Just my thoughts strung together. 

Hello. It's good to be back.



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Life as a millennial is a balancing act of figuring out health insurance and our career path, both exciting and confusing. CLICK HERE to read 4 habits every twentysomething should add to their new years resolutions! Pin now, read later. 

Life as a twentysomething can often feel like limbo. Being a newly minted adult is an ongoing balancing act of setting new habits, searching for purpose and passion, and then googling everything else. There's no road map or yellow brick road before us—we are navigating foreign, uncharted territory. Some days it's hard (like when you're trying to figure out health insurance or worse, taxes) and on others, it's exciting and rewarding. 

During the last two years, I graduated college, landed a dream full-time job, moved to a new city with my boyfriend, got engaged, planned a wedding, and then became a wife. It has been one accelerated whirlwind of an experience to say the least.

In some ways these milestones allow me to feel like I am "grown up." Evolved. On track. Then there are other (most) days when I still can't figure out how to do my laundry and all I really want is to sleep in and get rid of my acne, totally exposing my age.

"[Adulting] is an ongoing balancing act of setting new habits, searching for purpose and passion, and then googling everything else."

This coming new year, I want to be intentional about maximizing my twenties and finding joy and peace during this stage of life. I'm thinking this pursuit is one all millennials want. Here are five habits I'm adding to my list - 5 habits every twentysomething should add to their new years resolutions.


There's a class (and an app!) for every kind of exercise these days. Barre. Cycling. Rowing. Yoga. You name it, you can find a gym that offers it. With so many options out there, it's now very possible to find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy! And not dread like running on the treadmill for hours. 

Most gyms offer free week passes, so make it a goal to experiment this year and find a fun way to get fit. You'll be surprised how GOOD you feel (mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically) when you let your body break a sweat!

Taking care of your body in this way makes doing daily life easier. It gives you a new kind of strength, energy, alertness, confidence, and self-love. I've been weightlifting with E lately and really falling in love with it.


Up until college, it was always clear and straightforward as to what we were supposed to prioritize and achieve. Our success was measured in a GPA or ACT score. Time was neatly broken down for us by semesters, breaks, even as specific as finals week or syllabus week. Over time, we learned how to survive (others, thrive) this system - and we did it alongside friends and peers, pursuing similar goals. 

I'm realizing though that as we get older, it will never be like that again. In fact, it couldn't be the more opposite. Some pursue higher education, others join the workforce. Some are starting to have families, others are going through a breakup or singly traveling the world.

Everyone is going through a different season of life all at the same time. Even the traditional trajectories are not as cookie-cutter as they seemed. Which makes this all the more confusing and difficult to navigate. 

It's tempting to want to measure your life by comparing it against others. There's a new engagement or baby announcement popping up everyday on our newsfeed. Someone is traveling the world or creating another revolutionary app.

It's easy to doubt if your life really amounts to anything, especially when others' success magically appear before you. However, this makes it all the more important to define our own success and not let comparison consume us. Put to language what motivates, stirs, and fulfills you individually. Taking the time to root yourself in this will make it much easier to find contentment. 

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We are such results-driven and accolades-driven people that we often dismiss and devalue the beauty and struggle of falling down (and then learning from the mistake and getting back up, of course!) However there is so much wisdom and strength to be found in those moments. In the failures, struggles, disappointment. 

Learn to be comfortable with ambiguity because such is life. Learn to love the journey, the process, and not fixate only on the result. Even if your five-year plan doesn't pan out or your aspirations change.

It takes time for good habits to develop, passions to brew, and solid character to build. Give yourself the benefit and take the time.


Give your time. Give your resources. Give your love. Give it all generously. And don't keep score.

I'm finding that the more cheerfully I give, the more full and content I am with what I have and who I am. I covet less, I envy less, I complain less, I am greedy less. Generosity is a virtue, and there's a deep delight found when you let yourself give generously without expecting something in return. 

Sometimes it's hard, and it feels unfair or taxing. It's usually in these times I feel vulnerable, in need, hungry for appreciation, reciprocation, recognition. I pray asking to be filled and read over His promises that He provides, sustains, and gives good gifts to His children. And as I cling onto those truths, generosity becomes my response, an outpouring of deep satisfaction in Him. 

CLICK HERE TO READ 4 habits every millennial twentysomething should add to their new years resolution. Inspiration, motivation, and advice on embracing life's journey. Pin now, read later.

I hope some of these words resonated with you. Cause if I were to add one more to my list, it would be that we can't do this alone. We need each other! Cue High School Musical.

This ambiguous, challenging, rewarding time of adulting is going to be worth it. I believe it. And I hope I maximize it by holding these habits. I hope you do, too. I hope we as young women stay curious, hungry to grow - not only in our trade but in all life skills. To not be afraid of success but not paralyzed by failure either. To cherish each relationship in front of us. To seek and love God. And to be kind to ourselves and with where we are on this journey... And peace!

Do you identify with these pursuits? What are your resolutions this year? Share below, I'd love to hear! And I wish you all a wonderful, magical 2016!

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Click here to read 5 affordable holiday date ideas for you and your boo thang! Like making a fort or watching christmas lights! Cute Christmas date ideas for couples |Coffee & Honeycomb

In between buying Christmas gifts, decorations, and flights to go home, can you even afford to go on a date with your boo thang this holiday season? 

Yes, you totally can! There are so many romantic date ideas out there that promote quality time and holiday spirit without causing financial heart burn. In this post, I'm sharing 5 affordable and fun holiday date ideas for you and all your boo thangs! 

Ps. I made a bet with someone that I would use the word boo thang eleven times in a blog post, so you bet your boo thang butt (oh gosh I did it again!) that I accepted the challenge. So bear with me. Okay, here goes! 

Caution: These holiday date ideas are just so awesome, you may even look like this super cute couple below. This blog post cannot be held reliable if these ideas result in Christmas magic explosion.

Affordable, cheap holiday date ideas for couples



Guys, there is nothing more romantic than looking at Christmas lights with your boo thang. Trust me, this is what E and I did on our first date so it's especially special to us and an activity we look forward to every year! 

Picture it: you're driving around slooowly, holding hands, listening to Michael Buble, and soaking in all of the glowy lights. It's wonderful. (Plus, is it just us or do some of the best conversations take place in car rides?) Put away your phones and even any sense of time, and let yourselves escape into the world of festive lights! Preferably with hot chocolate in hand.

How do you find the lights? Google it! There are many free local Christmas light shows (and other free holiday events in general!) Often they are hosted by public parks, recreational centers, shopping malls, or even recognized neighborhoods. You all know those houses that are known to go all out. We found one in our town that syncs their lights to holiday music and even has their own radio station so you can listen/watch from your own car! LIKE OHEMGEEEE. 

Google "local holiday lights tour" or "local free Christmas events" to get started.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and spread Christmas cheer onto others. There are so many opportunities out there (especially at this time of the year) such as serving at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, or sponsoring wishes by buying Christmas gifts for certain families/children. Look for something that both of you are passionate about and set a date to do it. You never regret volunteering, and there's something really special that happens when you share a meaningful experience like that with someone you care about. It may lead to a discussion on each others' perspective on gratitude, time, money, and life in general! 


Decorate the tree or your home together. Set the mood by turning on some Christmas music with no other distractions! Put on something festive, like your favorite pajamas or sparkly skirt, and bring out all of your ornaments and decorations. Doing a cozy activity like this can open the door to conversations on each others' family traditions, favorite memories, future holiday plans, and can make you guys feel closer together. Boo thang, boo thang. 

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If you don't have a tree (or even if you do), you can still enjoy Christmas lights by making a fort in your living room! Adults can totally still make forts. Remember the episode in The Holiday? Who else was jealous of that twinkling fort? Pull together all of your blankets, pillows, and build a fort so that both of you can fit comfortably plus a tv if you want to make it a movie night. Decorate it with lights, stockings, and any other festive trinkets you have. Don't forget any refreshments or board games to make it a real party in there! #boothangfortparties


Go to a grocery store and buy a bunch of resources needed to build a gingerbread house (or just buy the kits) and make a gingerbread house! If you guys are both competitive, you can turn it into a competition of who can make the better house. I saw one on Instagram that one couple did where they did it themed as a gingerbread house gym since they both love fitness! You guys can customize it to best fit your interests. 


There are so many ways to stay in the Christmas spirit without having to spend too much money! You just have to be creative and inventive with date ideas. Personally I think it's those kind of dates that end up being more special and memorable. Don't you agree?



Ps. How to Personalize Your Holiday Gifts This Year


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Click here to read 3 lies you probably believe about hosting!


I love the idea of hosting and I'm a huge advocate for gatherings of people, but something about actually inviting people into your home (where they could potentially see your dirty laundry and garbage piling up!) intimidates the crap out of me that I actually don't ever host. 

If you find yourself hesitant to host as well, I think it's because there are misconceptions we believe! Like first, WHAT IS EVEN THE PURPOSE OF HOSTING. Because sometimes it seems like it's about creating a Pinterest spread and showing off your fancy furniture. If that's all hosting is, count me out. However, Shauna Niequist says it best: 

“The heart of hospitality is about creating space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It's about declaring your table a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment.” 

There is power in hosting and power in inviting people into your home, even when it's messy. Today I'm talking about 3 lies you probably believe about hosting; to *demystify and debunk* these lies and remind all of us that hosting is NOT about perfection, extravagance, or to be honest, us at all.  I will be sprinkling in Shauna Niequist's words throughout because no one ever says it better than her. :)


Currently my husband and I live in a 1BR + den apartment. Before that, I lived in a studio where I could give guests an entire tour without ever taking more than two steps. That always made me feel like my home wasn't big enough to invite people over. I assumed that hosting should be saved for others with lots of seating room, or one day in the future when I bought a home. 

The truth is... It's not about making the space in your home, but making the space in your heart, in your calendar, and in your desire for relationships around you. It's never the amount of space that makes people feel welcome, but the authenticity of the host. Owning a 4BR home or a dining table is not a prerequisite to be hospitable - there's a reason people want to meet in a home than in a coffee shop because there's an ambiance of intimacy and coziness that cannot be replicated. So take the leap and invite a couple of friends over. Sit on the floor, open a glass of wine and some crackers, and relax! They'll appreciate the heart more than the space.


When I invite friends over for the first time, I get filled with this pressure to make it super clean and super decorative. So I'll spray Febreeze everywhere until I get a migraine (that's when I know it's the right amount), clean the bathroom and kitchen counters, throw the dishes into the dishwasher, and bake cookies. Sometimes I even have pressure to go buy new serving ware to use or flowers to put on the coffee table because all decent women should keep fresh flowers on their coffee table according to Pinterest.

The truth is... Hosting and hospitality is about the People not about Performance, Perfection, or Pinterest. (Not going to lie, I'm SO proud of that alliteration I just made up and currently patting my back.) Anyway... Inviting someone into your home can be vulnerable, because you're allowing them to enter your sacred space, your comfort zone. However, remember that it's not necessary to sterilize your entire home or even decorate it. Just make sure there's room for guests to sit, light a couple of candles, and open a bag of chips or offer tea! That should do the trick. There's something so freeing about friends who have seen your home at its worst but don't look at you differently - when they've seen your dirty laundry, unmade bed, piles of dishes... When you don't have to apologize that it's not clean or secretly shame yourself for not cleaning it sooner. It's cultivating authentic fellowship.

“What people are craving isn’t perfection. People aren’t longing to be impressed; they’re longing to feel like they’re home. If you create a space full of love and character and creativity and soul, they’ll take off their shoes and curl up with gratitude and rest, no matter how small, no matter how undone, no matter how odd.” 


My husband ALWAYS overestimates how much food we'll need whenever we host or are responsible for bringing food to a party. Sometimes we add the unnecessary pressure of trying to think of a brand new recipe or make sure there's enough for seconds.

The truth is... You don't need to be extravagant with the food, and no one expects you to feed them a whole meal. You can always stage it as a potluck so everyone contributes to the meal, order in something simple as pizza, or just lay out some cheese and meats - that always fills me up. There are other ways to avoid spending a ton of money or preparation to invite people over.


Some of my favorite and most intimate memories with friends aren't in public spaces, but on someone's old couch, a dirty dinner table, in a living room. It's when you can you relax, laugh, and linger. To the point when you're so comfortable in their home, you can walk around without asking for permission to go to the bathroom or open the fridge. Hosting allows relationships to go deeper and cultivates authentic fellowship. 

Also, God calls us as Christians to be hospitable to be one another; to live in community, to share, to open up your home, to feed and to give to others generously. 

“We don't learn to love each other well in the easy moments. Anyone is good company at a cocktail party. But love is born when we misunderstand one another and make it right, when we cry in the kitchen, when we show up uninvited with magazines and granola bars, in an effort to say, I love you.” 



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Click here for tips on how to shop/make Christmas gifts this year stress-free! It's all about personalizing gifts and not burning a hole in your wallet. Read the Coffee & Honeycomb blog

Usually ever year I begin my Christmas shopping around December 20th. Yes, like five days before Christmas. You can only imagine how anxious, stressful, and NOT enjoyable it was for me! Usually the procrastination was caused by stress of saving money, finding the best deals, etc. After some good conversations with friends, I had this break-through moment when I realized that gift giving is not about how much you spend.

Is that crazy that I just learned that? However, I'm realizing that whether they know it or not, so many other people are living with this anxiety that finding the perfect gift requires spending a ton of money. Gift giving is more than the monetary value, but the sentimental and thoughtful value add it provides. The idea that someone has taken time out of their day to find a gift, carefully wrap it, and give to surprise and delight their loved one to joyfully open is the TRUE beauty! Regardless if it costs $5 or $500. 

Today I'm sharing the stress-free guide on how to approach gift giving this year which includes how to tackle your shopping list and how to make gifts more personal. I promise you none of this is revolutionary, but it was a new approach for me and a game changer in my gift giving experience. :) If you wrote a gift guide or any blog post related to gifts, share the link in the comments below! I'd love to hear your ideas.


1. Take a minute and write a list of names of people in your life you would like to gift this season.  Now go through the list, name by name, and take three minutes to write as many gifts that come to mind when you think of that person. (Example: Jessica - lululemon headband, anthropologie candle, cute ring dish, external cell phone charger, subscription to Birchbox, lip gloss... spend limit $15)

  • What have they mentioned they needed or liked in passing conversations?
  • What stores do they often shop at?
  • What are their hobbies? Do they collect anything?
  • What are frequent themes on their Pinterest board?

2. Next to each gift idea, write an estimated dollar amount. Give yourself a half hour to draft up this list. After I did this, I was so excited and motivated to find the perfect, unique gift for each person. Breaking it down made the gift more meaningful and personal versus a daunting errand. 

3. Tally up all of the estimated gift prices. Where did you land? Even the small $5-10 gifts add up, so it's good to see where you are netting and what you are working with. Is it above what you expected? Is it within budget? Although it's always nice to be generous, you don't want to be reckless or irresponsible! 

Tip: If there are people in your life you want to gift, but cannot afford to buy something, try thinking of alternative ways to surprise them. Write a card, cook them a meal, or bake them cookies. It's always the thought that counts! 

I keep coming across headlines with tips on how to survive the holidays, and this year, I'd love for us to think beyond that. It's not just about surviving (it's not finals week or tax season, people!) but savoring and cherishing this special time to reflect, celebrate, gather, and selah. Because the gift giving culture has become so commercialized, it's nice when we find little ways to make it more memorable. 

Click here for tips on how to shop/make Christmas gifts this year stress-free! It's all about personalizing gifts and not burning a hole in your wallet. Read the Coffee & Honeycomb blog

So what are some ways to focus on being meaningful than just monetary? Here are some "priceless" gift ideas! I love learning new ideas, too, so please comment below with any suggestions you have!

  • Make the gift. Try creating a photo collage of the two of you in a frame. Hand-knit a scarf in their favorite color. Create wall art by printing (or writing) a meaningful quote or bible verse and frame it. Or if you're super Pinteresty, try making a candle, lip balm, body scrub, etc. 
  • Create a care package. Find their favorite snacks, desserts, and cute stocking stuffers, and create a personalized care package for them. They will have so much fun looking through all of the little items.
  • Write them a card. Give them the gift of love and remind them how much you mean to them this season. :)
  • Personalize your gift wrapping! I took a stab at this this year and it was so easy (and so much fun). All you need is plain wrapping paper and a sharpie. Even if you couldn't spend a lot of money on the gift, adding in your own gift wrapping will make the gift seem so much more thoughtful and special. 

Hopefully this post was helpful and got your wheels spinning on new ways to approach Christmas shopping this year! xoxo. How are you approaching Xmas gifts this year? 


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Click to find 4 (super cute) DIY advent calendars to make this season


This year being our first Christmas as a married couple, E and I wanted to start making traditions for our new family. One was to buy a new ornament symbolizing something special from the year — this year we bought a picture frame ornament from Pottery Barn so we could insert our wedding photo inside. The other tradition was to create an advent calendar and celebrate the advent season, which neither of us had done growing up. I'm stoked to try it, and that's what I wanted to talk about with you all today. 

There's something special about this time of the year. :) Trees are ornate with twinkly lights, nostalgic jingles play in every store, and pants begin feeling tighter after the 8th peppermint bark... Or maybe that's just me. 

It really is the most wonderful time of the year; however, this season can also rob us from the joy and merryness the holidays should bring. Society adds pressure and anxiety with shopping, indulging, hosting, traveling, etc. It's easy to fall into the charade. For me, one walk through Target and suddenly I have a cart full of glittery wrapping paper, gold trinkets, and I'm sucked in. For us, an advent calendar will help E and I to be deliberate with being mindful of each day — and ultimately prepare our hearts for Christmas. I want to remember that this time of the year is not simply snagging the best Black Friday deal, hosting a Pinterest holiday gathering, or receiving all of the gifts on our wish list no matter what every magazine will tell you.

It's cherishing quality time with friends + families, stepping away from work, reflecting and reevaluating the last whirlwind of a year, savoring every sip of apple cider and egg nog, helping a hand toward the less fortunate, spreading love and cheer in the form of gifts or acts of kindness to those around you, and watching The Holiday (duh!), and most importantly looking forward to good news: the humble and perfect and beautiful birth of Jesus Christ. 

Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them. Luke 2: 19-20


If you're not familiar, an advent calendar is a special way to countdown and anticipate Christmas! It is a calendar with multiple flaps/containers/pockets, one which is opened every day of the season, usually filled with candies or gifts and a passage to be read. Often families will put toys for their children to open as a surprise in addition to a bible story related to the birth. For now since it's a bit last minute, E and I just decided to create our own calendar (although you can definitely buy one) and follow an advent devotional. If you're looking for a devotional, John Piper has one, you can buy one from Naptime Diaries, or follow If: EquipWe'll probably do that one since you know I'm a big If fan. :)

In addition, here are four (super cute and easy!) DIY advent calendars for you to create for your own home with links on how to make them! 



super cute advent calendar diy
super cute diy advent calendar christmas
easy diy advent calendar to make
cute diy advent calendar to make

How does your family celebrate THIS TIME OF THE YEAR? Do you have an advent calendar? Let me know if you try one of the devotionals. 


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Keep reading to learn the easiest recipe on how to make overnight oats for breakfast 

Maybe I shouldn't specify this post for only lazy girls. Let's put a marketing spin it. Shall we call them the busy girls? The time crunchers? The minimalism aficionados? 

Meh, I like the lazy girl. Let's own it. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

How to Make Overnight Oats for Breakfast - Lazy Girl's breakfast

Awhile ago I wrote a post on how to have your best morning ever, written for those who were not morning-people (like myself). I loved hearing feedback from readers that the post was helpful for them.

What was not included in that post was the importance of breakfast. Mostly because at the time I didn't eat breakfast. That was until the day I discovered oats.

Cue dramatic music.


I'm not going to lie, I was only immediately attracted to oats because of RRAYYME'S beautifuly curated Instagram feed of mouth-watering smoothie bowls and oats. However the more I drooled, the more I knew I had to try it myself. And the real thing did not disappoint. :) Here's why.

  1. The preparation is so freaking minimal. If you can open a fridge and scoop something into a bowl, you can make oats. 
  2. You don't even need a microwave.
  3. It keeps you full for an extended part of your day. 
  4. And when your stomach is full, your heart is full. #hearteyeemojis

Some call this "Overnight Oats." I don't - because I don't make this the night before, it's a slight variation to the idea, but ultimately the same thing. For my overnight-oats-virgins out there, keep in mind that this is cold oatmeal, not like how your mom or summer camp used to serve 'em. Cold, raw oatmeal? That may sound sliiightly unappetizing, but it is refreshing and delicious and omg brb while I make some.

keep reading for a super easy recipe on how to make overnight oats for breakfast



  • Quaker Oats 1-Minute Oatmeal 
  • Choice of milk (I use vanilla almond milk bc I'm fancy aka slightly lactose intolerant)
  • Chocolate Protein Powder
  • Chia Seeds
  • Toppings of choice: fruit, granola, shaved coconut, chocolate chips, nuts, seeds, etc.


  • Pour one cup of oats into a bowl. Make sure the bowl is deep enough for all of your toppings.
  • Add a half scoop of protein powder. Mix dry ingredients together. 
  • Pour in milk a little above the dry ingredients. Feel free to more/less milk depending on how saturated you like your oats. 
  • Mix the milk with oatmeal. 
  • Add your toppings. 
  • Take instagram photo. Just kidding. But if you do, you must tag me @coffeeandhoneycomb so I can see! :)
  • Enjoy. 

Here's another very easy tutorial my friend Gold & Marble recently wrote on overnight oats. Click here.

What's your favorite breakfast or oatmeal recipe? share in the comments below! xoxo.      


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